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It has taken forever, or at least it has seemed like forever! I’ve just made this hard cover edition of Vampire: a wild story of scraps and colors available for the first time. It is a massive book with over 500 pages. It is also my favorite book of the trilogy because I think it is the most autobiographical of them all.





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Its taken a long time but I’m finally ready to do some things with the Ewers facebook page. This blog will remain what it is, about announcements and perhaps to publish short things I’ve translated. The Facebook page will be an informal discussion of Hanns Heinz Ewers and his life as I understand it. By discussion I’m hoping that there will be enough interest to keep things going.

I’m looking to publish a printed edition of Vampire in April and don’t know exactly when John will have the SideReal Press edition out. I just need to get my own out. It’s been over a year since I finished translating it.

There are lots of changes in my personal life right now and an unknown future lies ahead. I’m also looking at publishing a hard cover collectors edition of Simplicissimus, it will include the first three issues as true to the original as I can make it given that I will be presenting it as a book and it was originally a tabloid some formatting changes have been needed. This will include artwork, poems, essays and short stories. I’m hoping universities might be interested in this for their German programs as this project gets rolling.

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Those interested in Hanns Heinz Ewers will enjoy Lemuria Volume I, a collection of short stories by rival fantasy author Karl Hans Strobl.

This book contains the stories:

The Mermaid

The Witchfinder

At a Crossroads

The Head

The Repulsion of the Will

The Tomb at Pere Lachaise

The Wicked Nun

The Bogomil Stone

The Manuscript of Juan Serrano

Familiar Moves


Of these stores only “The Head” and “The Wicked Nun” were ever translated into English. As always, these are my own translations of these stories. Lemuria is too large to publish in one volume so I am publishing it in several volumes that include other stories by Karl Hans Strobl from “The Crystal Ball and other Stories” and “The Orchid Garden”.

I am currently finishing up Lemuria Volume I and should have it available by the end of February. (This month). This will include hard cover, quality paperback, epub and pdf editions.



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I’ve created several editions of Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume II including:

Hard Cover

Quality Paperback

PDF edition

Epub edition (this has a different cover to distinguish it from the PDF)

I have also corrected and revised Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume I (hard cover and quality paperback editions only) and made a hard cover available. This includes the short story Sibylla Madruzzo which is an out take of Sorcerer’s Apprentice and was published as a short story. I also changed the title of The Crucified Minstral to The Crucified Clown which is more in keeping with the story. The ebook editions remain the same.

Lastly I’ve created a bare bones quality paperback edition of Sorcerer’s Apprentice with no extra material at all other than the Mahlon Blaine artwork. The hard cover remains as the more collectable edition with the extra material. This is available in quality paperback and epub editions.

While this may make the shopping more confusing I’ve tried to specify which editions are which in the descriptions. I hope that this will satisfy more readers and allow more choice. Half of my book orders are for ebooks so this is being stressed at this time.

I am now turning my attention to finishing Vampire and hope to have it completed shortly.


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Bandel Books is pleased to announce the new publication of Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume II.

This is the second volume in a collection of short stories by Hanns Heinz Ewers and translated by Joe E. Bandel and includes: “The White Maiden”,”Eleven Thousand Virgins and the Four Holy Three KIngs”,”The Water Corpse”,”Carnival in Cadiz”,”How Eleven Chinese Devoured Their Bride”,”From the Journal of an Orange Tree”,”Of Geese, Spirits, Leeches and the Cat Organ”,”Fairyland”,”Alraune and her Chauffeur”,”The Last Will and Testament of Stanislawa d’Asp”,”Mamaloi”,”The Worst Betrayal”,”The Lost Monkey”, plus a short introduction by Joe E. Bandel.

It can be purchased as a quality paperback from Lulu Publishing:


Pdf Version here:


Epub edition will follow shortly.



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For those interested in what is new in the world of Hanns Heinz Ewers, I suggest they clink on the link at the right to “Anarchist World”. This new webpage is a type of ezine intended to widen the readership of my translations. It is also intended to take off some of the pressure to perform that I feel from always having one new book to complete by some deadline; especially when I am working two jobs and have very little time for my hobbies.

So, enjoy some previously unreleased titles from:

Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume II


The Book of Fables

Moganni Nameh

India and I

As well as contributions from:




Satan’s Children

Mia Holm

From Out of Decadence: a novel

Fire Lilly

and some of my own works.

Please think of this as an ezine that is constantly bringing new and interesting things to read. If you enjoy it, consider supporting it with a small monthly donation; the price of a cup of coffee and a doughnut! I would like to quit my weekend job so that I can spend more time writing and translating. That will require the support of others that share my dream of a free and lasting Anarchist World!

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